Project Somos Holiday Campaign 2018

The cost of living is not cheap in Guatemala. Not being able to buy even the most simple school supplies or provide proper meals will keep a family from sending their child to school. Once a child falls behind in school, they often become too discouraged and frustrated to persevere. Often they aren’t getting enough food and attending school is too much of an effort.  Somos offers the support these kids need to improve their lives through education and proper nutrition. 

Dollar for dollar, your donation will be matched up to $7000. 

An example of ways you can support these Guatemalan children:

$25 - Feeds a child two healthy snacks and lunch every day for a week.

$50 - Covers the cost of computer classes for one month.

$75 - Buys school supplies for two students for the year.

$100 - Buys 10 more books for our library.

$100 - Feeds one child their lunches and snacks at Somos for one month.

$200 - Help our workers build more tables and chairs for the children! With double the students, we need more classroom furniture. 

$300 - We need to pick up the students from a distance. A school bus will help us do this - ($10,000 of $16,000 already raised).

$500 - Provides an outing for all the kids (i.e. petting zoo, Children's Museum, swimming pool).

$500 - Helps cover the monthly salary of a worker that is helping with maintenance and agriculture for the nutritional program.

$650 - Covers the salary of one teacher for one month.

Many thanks for your support!

The above items are all a necessary part of providing the services to the children in need. Project Somos reserves the right to allocate as needed and to prioritize the gifts. All donated funds will be used with transparency and responsibly.